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Sensor Cleaning

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Sensor Cleaning

Kamerastore's sensor cleaning is conducted by professionals with quality equipment. Getting your sensor cleaned is worth doing, if you can see dust specs on your photos, or if the sensor hasn't been cleaned for a long time.

Follow these instructions when sending your device to us for sensor cleaning:

1. Add the sensor cleaning service to your shopping cart. You can also purchase other products at the same time.

2. If needed, modify the amount of sensor cleanings in your shopping cart. One per camera.

3. Charge the camera's battery.

4. Pack your equipment with care, and remember to include your order number in the package.

5. Deliver your camera to Kamerastore (Erkkilänkatu 11A, 33100 Tampere, Finland) either by mail, or by bringing them to our Tampere or Helsinki store.

6. If you want your gear to be mailed back to you, select Posti / DHL / EMS as your delivery method.

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