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Novoflex Repro Professional Copystand

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€259,00 EUR
€259,00 EUR

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🇫🇮 Suomi 5 € | 1–3 arkipäivää
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Note that this copystand is sold out and waiting to be restocked. They are scheduled to be in stock again in late August. The long lead time is due to raw material supply issues related to the war in Ukraine. 

This copystand is a super-sturdy, professional grade piece of equipment to hold your camera when scanning. It is not a 'cheap' product, but nor is the quality. It is not for everyone, but if you demand absolute quality and sturdiness, a copystand like this can take your scanning to a new level. If you know who Novoflex is, you know that this product is very well priced considering the quality and craftsmanship. This stand is compact and easy to travel with as it has no base and instead clamps onto a table. 

The stand sold here comes with the Novoflex REPRO spacer (15cm) that adds extra space between the camera and column to allow comfortable use with any VALOI products (not in the pictures).

  • Weight 1.5kg
  • Pole length: 49.5cm
  • Useable length: 45cm (tripod screw to base)
  • Max clamp width (maximum table thickness): 5cm

Lens focal length compatibility:

Sensor size Lens Focal Length Compatible
Full Frame 100mm and longer

Only 35mm

Full Frame 90mm and shorter

Up to 6x9

APS-C 70mm and longer
Only 35mm
APS-C 60mm and shorter

Up to 6x9


We do not sell or support 4x5 or larger formats. Please measure the extension you need with your lens and camera combination and compare it to the useable length of this column.


About Novoflex

Novoflex is an old German brand established in the mid-20th century and have been making high quality camera accessories ever since. Today they make a range of made-in-Germany, super high quality products ranging from stands, tripods and specialist tripod heads to bellows and lens converted. Novoflex products are expensive, but worth the money if you know what you want. 

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